Ms. Costello’s 4th Class – Lockdown memories
Ms. Quinn’s 3rd Class – Joan Miró inspired art
Mr. Kenny’s 5th Class – Mexican masks
Mr. Heneghan’s 5th Class – Sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh

Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th class – Colour wheels
Ms. Quinn’s 3rd Class
Mr. Dignam’s 5th class made chocolates

Our work this week!

Mr. Dignam’s 5th class – Wall of Positivity

Mr. Dignam’s 5th class – SESE All about Mexico
Ms. Costello’s 4th Class – Jars of Thoughts
Mr Kenny’s 5th Class – The Aztecs
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd class –
Joan Miró inspired art
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class
Ms Costello’s 4th class – Our qualities behind their masks!

Our first full week back!

It was great to be back and see everyone again, well done to all pupils, parents and staff on an excellent display of teamwork getting us back into school smoothly and safely this week!

Aaron & Max showing us how to do some arm circles!
Mr. Lalor’s 6th class working hard!
Ms. Reilly’s 6th class working hard!
Welcome to Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd class during maths time!
Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th class working hard!
Welcome to Ms. Quinn’s 3rd class!
Welcome to Mr. Davern’s 3rd Class – making paper chains

5th & 6th yard time
Ms. Costello’s 4th class
Mr. Kenny’s 5th Class

Mr. Heneghan’s 5th class
Mr. Dignam’s 5th Class