Halloween Art in St. Kilian’s SNS

Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class
Ms. Costello’s 4th Class – Magic Potions
Mr. Davern’s 3rd Class
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class
Ms. Costello’s 4th Class
Mr. Davern’s 3rd class – Potions

Mr. Heneghan’s 5th Class – Monsters

Irish Composer

On Thursday Mr. Dignam’s 5th class did an interview with Se├ín Doherty who is a famous Irish composer. he told us all about how he writes his music, where he gets his ideas and how we could start writing our own music. We had a lot of fun!

Our work this week!

Ms. Quinn’s 3rd Class – Dreamcatchers

Mr. Dignam’s 5th class – People who dared to be different

Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd – World gratitude day!

Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class – Dreamcatchers

Ms. Quinn’s 3rd class – Busy making dreamcatchers
Mr. Kenny’s 5th Class – The Aztecs

Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th class

Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th Class

Mr. Heneghan’s 5th Class – Our Futuristic Phones
Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th Class – art

Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class – Native American Projects
Mr. Davern’s 3rd Class – Learning with the tablets.

“Road to the Aviva”

Third and fourth class have a new challenge called ‘Road to the Aviva’. The Aviva Stadium is 21km from St. Kilian’s Senior National School. This is almost the same distance as a half marathon. To improve children’s fitness and well-being we have decided to complete a half marathon over the next 40 school days. The children will complete 500 meters a day. The emphasis will be on improving overall fitness and health. The students have been advised to bring in old runners everyday. There will be a strong likelihood that these runners will get wet as the weather changes. The children will be encouraged to walk, jog or run the distance each day depending on their fitness level.