Our Work This Week! – Online learning week 3!

Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class

Mr. Dignam’s 5th Class made Pizza Wraps

First, we watched a video of Mr. Dignam making the pizza wrap. He put his own toppings on but said that you put on whatever you want.

After the video, we chose all our ingredients. I chose passata, grated cheddar cheese and some pepperoni.

Then we started to heat up our wraps until they were nice and warm, and then we started putting our toppings on. 

After I had put my toppings on, I put it back on the pan until the cheese melted.

Finally, it was time for the best part the TASTE-TEST. Woah that was a great tasting pizza wrap, I would rate it a 10/10.

Emma and Millie