Code of Conduct



Parents, pupils, guardians and staff should be familiar with this document.




1. Assembly is at 8.50 a.m.
2. I will be in the play area before Assembly.
3. I will wear my full school uniform complete with black shoes.
4. I will wear my St. Kilian’s Tracksuit, suitable gym shoes and my yellow polo-shirt for Physical Education days only.
5. I will have all requirements on the first day of term.
6. I will not tell a lie.
7. I will be quiet in open areas of our building.
8. I will not run in the building.
9. I will never back-answer a member of the staff.
10. I will leave my mobile phone at home.
11. I should never bully others, never allow myself to be bullied and if it happens I should tell my parents/guardians, or any member of the staff.
12. I know that bullying is always unacceptable.


Play Periods


1. I will keep myself and others safe.
2. I will never be violent.
3. I will not “swear”.
4. I will not call unwanted names or use forbidden words.
5. I may not leave the play-area without the permission of the teacher on duty.
6. I will keep our simple “yard” rules.




1. I will never be insolent in class, by word, action or gesture.
2. I will keep my personal space tidy.
3. I will not disrupt my class.
4. I will keep our class “Golden Rules”.
5. I will not leave my seat or class without permission.