Battle of the Trees & Doors!!

Some heathy competition between our class Christmas Trees and doors…..some will have to up their game he he he!!!!

Christmas in St. Kilians

Mr. Lalor’s – Clay Christmas Trees
Mr. Heneghan’s 6th Class
Mr. Minogue’s 4th Class – Peek-a-boo Reindeer
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class – Oiche Nollaig
Mr. Kenny’s 4th Class – Peek a boo Rudolph
Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class – Christmas trees
Mr. Davern’s 4th Class – Peek a boo Rudolph
Mr. O’Sullivan’s 3rd Class – Alpine Trees
Mr. Dignam’s 5th Class – Alpine Forest
Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class – Christmas Tree’s
Mr. Davern’s 4th Class – Winter Trees

Our work this week.

Mr. Heneghan’s 6th Class – Fancy Pen Holders
Mr. Minogue’s 4th Class – Penguin Party
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd class had fluffy feet Friday
Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class – Sewing on Heshin
Mr. Kenny’s 4th Class – Mosaic Art
Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class – All about Tallaght