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Ms Duggan’s 4th class – Still Life

Mr. Davern’s 3rd Class – Tessellation dogs!

Mr Heneghan’s 4th Class – Scary night scene.

Ms Stapleton’s 5th Class – Letters to Shakesphere

Mr Kenny’s 5th Class – Self Portraits

Ms Reilly’s 6th Class – The effects of Global Warming

Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class Art

Rang a Seacht Autumn Trees

Rang a Seacht Autumn Trees

Ms. Kavanagh’s Tessellation fishes

Ms. Costello’s 3rd Class Tessellation Ghosts

Mr. Shanley’s 5th Class art etching

Our Marathon Kids this week!

Mr Kenny's 5th Class Aztecs

Mr Kenny’s 5th Class Aztecs


Mr. Shanley's 5th Class Aztecs

Mr. Shanley’s 5th Class Aztecs


Ms Stapleton's 5th Class Aztecs

Ms Stapleton’s 5th Class Aztecs

Ms Duggan's 4th Class - Picasso

Ms Duggan’s 4th Class – Picasso

Ms.Kavanaghs 3rd Class - All about me

Ms.Kavanaghs 3rd Class – All about me

Mr. Heneghan's 4th Class Chinese Dragon's

Mr. Heneghan’s 4th Class Chinese Dragon’s

Ms. Costello's 3rd Class

Ms. Costello’s 3rd Class