Our Work This Week!

Mr. Minogue’s 4th Class
Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class – Totem Pole
Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class learning all about Climate change – Happy Cows (sorry about the methane!)
Mr. O’Sullivan’s 3rd Class
Ms. Hamill’s 5th class – Andy Warhol inspired art

Our Work This Week!

Mr. Heneghan’s 6th Class – Native American inspired Totem Poles
Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class – Native American projects
Mr. Lalor’s 6th Class – Andy Warhol Pop Art
Ms. Hamill’s 5th Class – Self Portaits inspired by Frida Kahol
Mr. Kenny’s 4th class made Chinese dragons after studying ancient China
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class – Roald Dahl The Twits
Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class – Dreamcatchers
Mr. Minogue’s 4th Class – Self Portraits

The Road to Tokyo

Well done to Ms. Stapleton’s 3rd Class who completed the Road to Tokyo challenge.


Students logged their activity to their class team and travelled virtually to Tokyo with Team Ireland with the chance to enjoy the challenges on the way.

Our work this week!

Rang a Seacht Athletics Day
Ms. Reilly’s 6th class – Rainforest adventure
Mr. Lalor’s 6th class – Rainforest adventure
Rang a Seacht – Wassily Kandinsky
Mr. O’Sullivan’s 4th Class

Our Work This Week!

Mr. Dignam’s 5th class are in The Echo this week.
Ms. Kavanagh’s 4th class – Crazy hair
Mr. O’Sullivan’s 4th class – Shields
Mr. Heneghan’s 5th class –
Pop Art by Ms. Power’s rang a seacht
Mr. Lalor’s 6th class