Our work this week!

Mr. Davern’s 3rd class – Supporting the Dubs!!
Ms. Kavanagh’s 3rd Class – All about me!
Ms. Costello’s 4th Class – all about Mars
Mr. Kenny’s 4th Class – all about Mars
Ms. Mullane’s 4th Class
Mr. Lalor’s 6th class – Positive Mental Attitude!

Our Work this Week!

Ms. Mullane’s 4th Class
Ms. Costello’s 4th Class – Eye Spy Colour Wheel
Mr. Davern’s 3rd Class

Ms. Stapleton’s 5th Class – Self portraits
Ms. Mullane’s 4th Class – Warm & Cold Colours
Ms. Reilly’s 6th Class
Mr. Heneghan’s 5th Class – Self Portraits

Ms. O’Sullivan’s Country projects

Health & Well-being

Ms. Reilly’s 6th class went to Tallaght Stadium to take park in a Multi Sports camp on Monday 9th of September as part of SDCC health and well-being week. Everyone enjoyed the day.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Ms. O’Sullivan’s class let their 5 butterflies of into the air today after lovingly growing them from caterpillars, nurturing them in the chrysalis until finally turning into beautiful butterflies.

Martin Boland Writing Competition

On Thursday Mr & Mrs Boland came to visit our school for our annual writing competition in memory of their son Martin. This competition was for 3rd and 4th class below are a few pics from the day. Well done to all involved and to the winners in each class.

Aldi Poster Competition

Thank you to all for the Aldi stickers for the Poster competition, it was unfortunate we didn’t win but for taking part Aldi sent us some rugby resources for the school, these include balls/bags/bottles and bottle holders.