This Policy has been devised in response to the educational needs of the pupils of St. Kilian’s Senior National School in consultation with staff, parents and Board of Management. It seeks to promote inclusiveness and equality for all pupils.

Relationship to Ethos:

The wearing of our School Uniform empowers pupils to cultivate personal identity through their individual talents and personality. It contributes to the cultivation of school identity and a sense of pride.

Pupils are encouraged to present themselves neatly. The wearing of uniform directly influences positive behaviour in school and helps to develop self confidence and self esteem in all pupils.


The wearing of full uniform is compulsory throughout the school year, except on PE days when our St. Kilian’s tracksuit and a yellow crested St. Kilian’s polo shirt must be worn.

Our uniform is as follows:

 Boys:      Girls:
  • Royal blue jumper (crested)
  • Light blue shirt
  • Grey trousers
  • School tie
  • St. Kilian’s crested tracksuit
  • Yellow St. Kilian’s crested polo shirt
  • Royal blue jumper (crested) (Not a cardigan)
  • Light blue shirt
  • Royal blue tunic/skirt or Grey trousers
  • School tie
  • St. Kilian’s crested tracksuit
  • Yellow St. Kilian’s crested polo shirt



Our uniforms are available from:

Uniform Schoolwear House
Unit D7
Ballymount Cross
Industrial Estate
01 / 4604371


School and Sports Wear
Birchview Heights,
086 388 5982

The provision of uniforms is the responsibility of parents/guardians.

Reasonable Accommodation:

The Principal may permit the wearing of particular items of clothing (including Religious symbols) should a parent/guardian request it. The colour of the item of clothing should be consistent with the school uniform.

Clothing which acts as a barrier to regular school communication and appropriate interpersonal interaction associated with a school setting will not be accommodated.

Health and Safety:

  • Hair should be neat and tidy.
  • Pupils must wear their school uniform for all school trips.
  • Any jewellery worn by pupils should not pose a safety risk to themselves or others.
  • Footwear should be appropriate for all school activities. Sports shoes/runners must be worn for all PE lessons and fastened properly.
  • Given the age and level of development of pupils, cosmetics and hair dye are not allowed.

Success Criteria:

The support of a pragmatic approach by all stakeholders in the implementation of this Policy.