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St. Kilian’s Senior School
Board of Management
Kingswood Heights
Dublin 24
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Dear Parents / Guardians,


We have drawn up a policy regarding mobile phones in our school. Please read it through and sign the portion at the end of this sheet.


1) Mobile phones are absolutely prohibited on the school property, whether turned on or off.
2) In very exceptional circumstances, if you wish your child/ren to have a mobile phone on a particular day, you must write a note to the class teacher(s) explaining the reason why your child/ren need a phone on that day. Such phone(s) must be turned off before entering the building and must not be turned on again until the child/ren have left the building at the end of the school day.
3) Any phones under Section (1), or any phones turned on under Section (2) will be confiscated and will only be returned to the child/ren’s parent(s)/guardian(s) by the School Principal.




Brian Murphy
Chairperson Board of Management St. Kilian’s Senior National School



St. Kilian’s Senior National School
Policy on Mobile Phones


I/we have read the School’s Policy regarding mobile phones.


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