As part of our S.P.H.E. programme, we implement a ‘Healthy Eating Policy’ in St. Kilian’s Senior School.




Our aim is to develop awareness in pupils that eating habits formed in early childhood can influence their health throughout their lives.


  •  During lessons, time will be spent familiarising the children with good nutritional practices.
  •  In implementing this Policy we are encouraging the children to bring healthy lunches to school.
  •  Children will be praised for having healthy lunches.
  •  A whole school attitude to healthy eating will be encouraged.
  •  Emphasis will be placed on what is a “good lunch”.
  •  Juice, water, milk, diluted drinks, yops, etc. are suggested as an alternative to fizzy drinks.
  •  Children are encouraged to bring sandwiches, rolls, crackers, fruit, yogurts, popcorn and one biscuit/chocolate bar.
  •  We suggest that sweets and crisps be kept for special occasions and teachers will inform children when they may bring these items, e.g. Christmas party, school tour etc.
  •  Children will receive leaflets on “Healthy Eating for Children” with suggestions and ideas for healthy, well-balanced lunch boxes.