The aim of this acceptable use policy is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s internet resources in a safe and effective manner.  Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege.  If the school AUP is not adhered to this privilege will be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions, as outlined in this document, will be imposed.

Acceptance of the terms of our AUP is necessary for enrolment in St. Kilian’s SNS.


  • Access to the internet will be supervised by a member of staff.
  • NCTE provides filtering for our broadband network and this is set to level 4.
  • Uploading and downloading of non-approved software/apps by pupils or staff will not be permitted.  Approval may be given by the Principal/Deputy Principal.
  • Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis.
  • The use of personal media sticks and other digital storage media in school by pupils requires a teacher’s permission and supervision.
  • Pupils are not permitted to bring mobile phones or any other personal internet enabled device to school.
  • Our SPHE school plan contains lessons on responsible internet use.


  • Students will not intentionally try to visit internet sites that contain obscene, illegal, hateful or otherwise objectionable materials.
  • Students will report accidental accessing of inappropriate materials to their class teacher.
  • Students will use the internet for educational purposes only.
  • Students will not copy information into assignments and fail to acknowledge the source (copyright infringement and plagiarism)
  • Students will never disclose or publicise personal information.
  • Downloading materials or images not relevant to their studies is in direct breach of our AUP.
  • Students will be aware that any usage, including distributing or receiving information, school related or personal, may be monitored for unusual activity, security and/or network management reasons.



  • Our website will be regularly checked to ensure that there is no content that compromises the safety of pupils or staff.
  • The school website will avoid publishing the first name and last name of individuals in a photograph.
  • Photographs that are published on the school website are copyright and may not be copied or republished on any other website or used for social media networking purposes.
  • Digital audio or video of class work may be published to YouTube with comments disabled but will not contain the names of any student or staff member.


  • Many social media sites/apps have age requirements.  We advise parents to not allow their children to have personal accounts on adult sites/apps.
  • Pupils and staff may be photographed/digitally recorded at school organised events and activities providing such images are for personal/private use only and the photographer ensures that such images are not altered or publicly published on any app/social media site or made available on the internet for download or use by the public in any manner that may cause offence to any subject in the images.
  • The Board of Management has nominated the Parents Association of St. Kilian’s to facilitate a facebook page for our school.  Parents are not permitted to facilitate/organise any website, social media site, blog, app that makes reference to our school, pupils or staff without the prior approval of the BOM.


  • Misuse of the internet by pupils in school may result in disciplinary action, (as per our code of conduct), including written warnings, withdrawal of access privileges and in extreme cases suspension or expulsion.
  • Breaches of AUP by parents/students outside school will be referred to the Board of Management and may result in written warnings, exclusion from school premises or legal action.
  • The school also reserves the right to report illegal activities to the appropriate authorities.

In all cases of AUP breaches parents/guardians will be obliged to remove/delete any images or information deemed offensive or inaccurate by the BOM.

  • Avoid any negative conversations about children staff or parents on personal social media accounts.  If you have an issue with something in the school, social media is not the place to raise it.
  • Parents are deemed responsible for all social media interactions between themselves and their children outside school hours.
  • Please do not request to friend a member of staff in the school.  The staff would like to keep their personal lives private.  It may be awkward for a staff member to be asked to ignore a social network request.


This policy was ratified by BOM following consultation with staff and parents association on 09/05/2017



Data Protection Act 1988

Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003

Child Trafficking & Pornography Act 1998

Interception Act 1993

Video Recordings Act 1989

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